Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NZ's Tipping Point

Have we finally had enough of troughing politicians and public servants?

I'm hoping so- generally the only time folks get all emo here is over rugby of some other sport that NZ happens to be winning at.

But I'm hearing a lot of anger at the rampant troughing right now. Not surprise- nobody is surprised, they have all suspected. But now a literal mountain of supporting evidence is on the table and people are pissed.

Some would ask 'why so upset over a meal and a few drinks while working away from home?'

Once I would have agreed- why begrudge someone working away from home a few pleasures? But that was before those in power denied the rest of us those little perks we once enjoyed.

Remember the work drinks, Christmas shouts and gifts that all went west with the introduction of FBT?

New Zealander's are on the whole a fair-minded lot- often to a fault.

This 'do as we say, not as we do' shit DOES NOT sit well!

And now we want a bit of utu!