Wednesday, June 09, 2010

When the brain shuts down in self-preservation

I DID have a pithy, topical subject for tonight- but that was before a 'elfn safety' meeting.

Apparently, everyone needs reminding that it is a bad idea to operate heavy machinery drunk/stoned, remove guards from chippers that reduce trees to matchsticks or to walk about under slung loads that are heavy enough to reduce one to a greasy smear.

Who would have thought!

And this radical idea of wearing a seat belt in a vehicle!- what bright spark come up with THAT!

Sounds like a couple of peasants in one of the third-world subsidiaries have met their end and management are concerned it could happen in a country where there are consequences for said management. Like here.

But after two minutes of listening to the bleeding obvious, my brain shut down in self-preservation.

And I lost tonights post.

At least my brain managed to re-boot afterwards.

Quite a few appeared not to have...

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