Thursday, June 03, 2010


"Two men accused of packing 14 stolen sheep into a car are facing a raft of charges that could land them up to 13 years in jail.

Jonathan David Dunick and Desi James Cook, both 23, appeared in Hastings District Court today, facing 10 sheep rustling-related charges.

Three charges of ill-treating sheep, including causing the death of two that were hog-tied and packed in the Mazda 626 with 12 others on May 31, have been laid jointly against Dunick, Cook and two other alleged offenders whom police have yet to catch up with.

Those charges carry penalties of up to $25,000 fines and six months in jail.

Another seven charges, of illegally entering paddocks to commit crimes since January this year, have been laid against all four, with potential penalties of up to $50,000 fines and 13 years in jail..."

Well there is an upset to rural folk- sheep abduction (with the possible intent of rape & murder) is more serious than kicking someone to death on the footpath, while pissed.

Figure THAT one out...

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mojo said...

Well, there were forteen of them Oz.