Monday, October 19, 2009

The Untouchables

Much about little and little about much.

There is a huge media outcry with all the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth over the actions of a few silly schoolboys, who are not really worth a mention of any sorts.

Yet the comment "Why are we fighting whakapapa against whakapapa? There's so much enemy that is not brown." used by a MINISTER OF THE CROWN is all over and forgotten by the MSM (who to their credit broke the story) I had to use a bloggers link to find the article (thanks KG!)

They should have gotten onto this like a German Shephard with his teeth around a burglars testicles!

But no somebody might(probably would) declare them racist for holding a taxpayer-funded official accountable for what REALLY IS a contemptable statement.

Far worse than using suicide to make a valid point about ACC...

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