Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bott on the Landscape

"...Leef's lawyer, Michael Bott, asked for a sentence with a strong rehabilitation element, citing Chief Justice Sian Elias' July speech, in which she called the prison system a ''monster factory'', with negative effects compounded by double bunking.

''A long period of imprisonment may ... result in a greater risk to society in the future,'' Mr Bott said.

''He is as much a victim as those he assaulted.''

But Judge Denys Barry told Leef that the only sentence that ''protects the community from this sort of pack predation is imprisonment...''

The sort of aplologist bullshit is why a great many people would like to see defense lawyers hanging from lamp-posts!

Monster factory indeed- it's monster containment. I would dearly love to see Bott double bunked with a few of the charmers from the institutions I have worked in!

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