Monday, October 19, 2009

A time now gone

Jim Henderson wrote quite a few books on this theme- collections of rural NZ life. Indeed, life in NZ back them WAS mostly about rural life. Cities were mostly support centers for the farms.

These tales are a step back in time to a very different New Zealand to the one of today. Ordinary people just getting on with life. Quite inspiring when you think you have had a hard day to go back in time and read of the hard daily grind through Jim's pages.

A life without so many things we take for granted now.

A time when 'Poor' was the default setting- when workers had far less than todays poor hard done by beneficiaries ;-)

Isolation, deprivation and back-breaking toil- yet without being resentful of their lot in life.

A life we have now lost- for better or worse...

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