Friday, June 27, 2008

Tooling up

This bloke has made the classic mistake- going public. If he does deal to some well deserving scumbag, the crown prosecution office will now be all over his arse!

Rule One: Don't tell anyone. You loose much of the deterrent value, but in NZ that's the way to go.

Rule Two: Don't use a restricted weapon like a pistol, petrol bomb, hand grenade or the MP-40 granddad brought back from his North African adventures. Greg Carvell would confirm this!

Rule Three: Use something that has a reason to be there. A cleaver may be OK in a butchery, but probably not in a dairy. Neither would be an axe, crowbar or baseball bat.

Rule Four: Don't modify it. The baseball bat with six-inch nails in the end won't look good in court.

So- let's look at the linked case- you are in a dairy and Mr Scrote wants free cigarettes and all your money. He doesn't have a firearm (the only real defense here is another gun and the training to use it effectively)

What do you have in the store that could conveniently be held to hand? lets see- a pot of pepper- throw that in the face and Mr Scrote is going to be out of the game. You will at this stage be able to escape or damage his self-esteem further- say by hitting him with something large and heavy.

Another overlooked defensive tool is the dry powder fire extinguisher. This will blind him and choke him- plus has the advantage of being able to do so from several meters away. When empty, the cylinder makes a useful bludgeon!

It will also put out fires, so is a useful tool to have at home and in the car, if you take my suggestion...

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