Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Finally, an apology from Lipine Sila for the deaths and carnage he caused along Christchurch's Edgeware Road, and an offer to meet his victims face-to-face as he begins his life sentence..."

SO- should that get him a few years off? NO-he should have got twice that sentence- and some- 17 years for each murder and seven years for each injury. Let's just call that life meaning life. One of the victims certainly thought so!

"...Family members told how much they missed the two girls, Jane Young and Hannah Rossiter, and the court heard how Sila's actions had damaged bodies and broken up families.

Outside the court, Mr Young said the sentence was "woefully inadequate" and he hoped Sila would get over 20 years. "I think it should be life meaning life, but the judicial system is very much biased against law and order..."

You got that straight, but then Mr Young knows that in a way few of us ever (hopefully) will!

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