Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stick to caravan parks.

"Three trampers have reached safety after walking out of the Arthurs Pass National Park and have lashed authorities who refused a helicopter access to the park to rescue them..."

Go better prepared, you pussies. You can't rely on a chopper there as the weather can be extreme. That's why you should be carrying extra rations. So you can wait it out when the weather turns to crap- as it does.

Everyone expects to phone up and be 'rescued' these days.

Wasn't Barkers Hut up to the expected 4-star standard? Back in the 80's it was a fetid little hovel, but a welcome one when the wind and snow was doing it's thing.

Trampers ain't what they used to be!


Murray said...

Basd weather in Arther Pass you say?

Shit, never saw that coming.

sweetpea said...

What ever happened to being prepared?
Six days without food won't kill you if you have water to drink. It won't even make you very sick. I have actually gone that long without food so I know what I am talking about.
If they still had problems getting out after that time I have not dought a helicopter would have been dispatched.

Anonymous said...

These same people would most likely beleive in Darwin but see themselves as exceptions.


Murray said...

Wait a minute, the word "rescue" was used... but they were in no danger and were healthy enough to walk out?

Rescued from what, their terminal stupidity?

Unknown said...

To be fair, "rescue" was never on the cards... These people simply sought permission to have a chartered helicopter pick them up. (at their own expense)

DoC refused, which actually caused the situation to become difficult. The trampers were forced to either risk treacherous river crossings, or 'wait it out' despite being prepared with radio communications and a contingency plan.

Oswald Bastable said...

To be fair, I ALSO consider DOC a bunch of bastards for not letting them fly out at THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

Murray said...

Hmm, slightly different story in that case.

And DOC suck. In general.

Oi said...

Been hutbound many a time. Always carried a few surplus packets of freezedry liberated from rat-packs, packed round the mountain primus in the billy.
No-brainer really - you know you are going to be bogged in sooner or later.....
For a so-called "noted outdoorsman," not to carry emergency rations is unbelievable.

I detest DOC, but this time I'm forced to support their stance. This guy is a gripper, and why should DOC deviate from their no-fly zone merely because he has enough cash to hire a helicoptor?

Murray said...

Bleh freezedries are the enemy of god!

Give me that yummy pools!!!

Blobs of dead gristle in congealed lard, mmmmmmm.