Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grow a pair- or die!

You were lucky this time. Sounds like the pilots did a great job.

But you passengers need to fight harder- you are fighting for your lives here!

This is something everyone who gets on a plane needs to think about. Be prepared to give it everything and STOMP THE FUCKER'S GUTS OUT!

That POS should have gone of the plane in a body bag.

Grab an arm from each side. Use your teeth and try to bite right through the arm. While they are held anyone else that can get into the fight pound her to pudding. When she looks like five tonnes of quivering, bloody sushi on the deck of a whaler- you are getting there!

It's YOUR lives- and remember- right then, those of the crew are far more important than yours.


Anonymous said...

Sheep are sheep, wolves are wolves and the sheepdogs were taking a different flight.

KG said...


Barnsley Bill said...

i also wondered why this fat somali (there's two words you don't normally see next to each other)managed to exit the plane upright. I have though long and hard about what I would have done and still come back to my initial feeling which is i would have put the mutt down with my bare hands. I hate flying as it is, this is the sort of incident that would see me part company with polite behaviour in a heart beat.

Anonymous said...

Sudden Jihad Syndrome or Sudden Insanity Syndrome - either one could have killed everyone on that plane. Remember what those people did to Richard Reid over the Atlantic a few years back? They beat the living crap out of him.

Brian Smaller

KG said...

Even totally untrained people can do one of two simple things to take someone like this down--a pen to the eyes or break a little finger.
9/10 either will work.

Murray said...

And all of them were more worried about being charged with assault and suffering from SEP syndrom.

Just as nanny would have it.

MathewK said...

Or accused of racism or something stupid like that, no good deed goes unpunished in this brave new world.

None the less, if i was going down like that, screw the pc-police, that bitch is going down, she ain't making it to paradise in one piece.

Mrs Smith said...

In addition to kg - ripping off an ear is apparently not difficult. I would, at least, taken this as an opportunity to find out.

Murray said...

Natural selection is a bitch and at the moment it looks like nature is tired of left wing liberal guilt and appologist policies.

Question is will the dodo take the rest of us with them?