Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Alone

It's one of those rare nights where I'm the only one at home, as everyone has buggered off camping.

I'm on-call so can't leave the area.

Camping makes less and less sense these days. When I lived in a crappy flat, camping was a reasonable summer option.

Now that I have a much more comfortable house, with three fridges, air conditioning, dishwasher and all the other comforts of modern living- I can't see the appeal in sleeping in a tent!

No big comfy chairs, no warm towels and having to share showers and dunny with commoners! No doors to keep the kids out!

Forget it!

It would be so much nicer if I could actually have a drink of some kind, but the industrial strength antibiotics I'm on rule that out! Apparently this medication has the same effect as Disulfuram and I ain't going to go there!

But its working, so another week without drink is a small price to pay!


mojo said...

No it doesn't ... just adds to the euphoria, enables a quicker and more protracted effect and if you're not too much in to the excess the next morning you feel like a box of little birdies ... exotic birdies ... thrush, I believe.
Antabuse, indeed.

sweetpea said...

Are you sure you aren't just getting old? ;-)

Still any time without the kids under foot is to be enjoyed. Revel in that rare treat of silence.