Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ninnies, Nannies and Numptys

Banging on about carbon friggin' footprints on TV!

The one where a sanctimonious old slapper takes families for task for daring to consume stuff particularly pisses me off. The other day she was wanking on about the evils of heated towel rails and heated mirrors. Well- I happen to like a warm, dry towel in a warm dry bathroom and don't give a monkey's if it DOES use $100 worth of electricity a YEAR.

I wonder what the inside of HER house is like? No doubt full of all the modern conveniences.

I bet she is like the local council piece of vileness that goes about nitpicking or inventing problems will all the contractors work. Her own property looks like something out of Steptoe & Son!

All these little niceties are what makes life that much easier and enjoyable. As a kid, I lived the hair-shirt lifestyle with minimal heating, damp all winter and a bath every week whether or not you needed it- like most of NZ in the sixties. I sure as hell ain't going back to one two-bar heater for a whole house!

I'm glad nobody speaks of carbon footprints in the real world. They might just receive one of my footprints and like my carbon one- it is a big one!


KG said...

Carbon footprints are just the latest craze for middle-class fuckwits of very little brain to bang on about.
They'll get bored with it and move on to some other nannying mania soon.

MathewK said...


A long time ago, i saw a program about this fellow somewhere in Europe or something, who built his house from recycled filth and mud and was complete self sufficient and all that. Well, he needed good old coal/nuclear-sourced electricity to power his TV and things like that because his sophisted solar panels couldn't hack it but apart from that he was pretty much self sufficient.

What i found amusing was that it took him around 2 or 3 years to build all this and he was sleeping outside in the elements for that time, i guess he never heard of cost/benefit, otherwise known as common sense.