Thursday, January 11, 2007

Go jump in the lake!

Muslim women want special swim pools

The Dominion Post Thursday, 11 January 2007

"Muslim women in New Zealand say they are suffering health problems because they do not have special pools where they can swim without compromising their religious beliefs. South Island Muslims are looking to set up special pool facilities for females.

Christchurch Muslim Naaz Shah said there was nowhere for Muslim women to swim without compromising their religious beliefs.

Because of this, many Muslim women had no opportunities to exercise and were putting on weight.

"They become medically unfit. Their health is affected and they're quite depressed."
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand chief executive Sultan Eusoff backed the idea of a special pool for Muslims, and said privacy and modesty were very important for followers of Islam..."

So build yourself pools, using your own money- no problem.

If you want pools built at the ratepayers expense (and I suspect that is where this is going)- go get a big black dog up ya!

If you are turning into a fat fuck- who cares?- nobody can see you in that Darlek uniform!

But really- concern for the mental welfare of muslim women by muslim men!

Next I will be hearing about Lion angst for the plight of the Gazelle!


Mrs Smith said...

Thanks for the laugh. There is nothing I can add to that, really. I think your statements about dalek uniforms and big black dogs said it all.

KG said...

Why not a muzzlim wimmin's marathon?
The sight of tents racing around the streets would be a sponsor's dream. Teams could enter as marquees and kids as pup tents.
This could be the next Big Thing, Oswald.

Anonymous said...

Jusr imagine the the advertising possibilities...

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Muslim women think? Oh, I forgot, their men think for them. Sorry chaps.

Peter McK said...

if they are fat and overweight then on the positive side they may breed less because they are so ugly their owners (husbands) would not want to shag them -

they could undertake other forms of exercise - like walking or running - now that would be funny - seeing the blimps out running around the bays - in their burkas

Seamonkey Madness said...

What are they complaining about now? Seriously, all they need is a full-body swimsuit (including the webbed hands/feet gloves) a lá Thorpy and they're set! Who would get fat and unhealthy if the were swimming 50 laps a day in a spaceage technology get-up like that?

And KG, am sure Red Bull would sponsor something like that. Flugtag or downhill derby - sure enough! Tent racing - why not!?

Wonder what Bob Clarkson had to say about this? =)

Anonymous said...

Wet burka competitions?