Friday, January 05, 2007

Vodka and Feckin' Coca-cola!

When will you bastards stop diddling with the flavours?

Every time you bring out a new flavour I get a taste for it, you wankers PULL IT OFF THE MARKET.

I'm refering to:

Vanilla coke
Rasberry coke

Where the hell are they?

Don't give me that shit about 'only so many variants on the market' Others make all manner of variants on their products and while people buy them, they make them!

I can understand dumping the lemon, lime and citrus

Diet coke basic is crap, I can't drink real coke- at least Zero is drinkable.

And where is the Cherry Coke?

Sort your shit out before I give up on splits with my vodka!


Cactus Kate said...

I can help you with this one as I once dated the VP of the NZ coca cola distributor.....and I've drunk more of the stuff than most.

New Zealand is used as a test station for Coke variants. Apparently if it sells well in NZ it is given a test run elsewhere.

Their stats in NZ are small compared with those worldwide so they try it out on the little guys first before pouring millions into worldwide advertising. Therefore their product selection is...fluid.

Presently Zero is meant to be taking over diet coke, but personally can't see it.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, of course- we are used for a lot of proiduct testing here!

I prefer Zero to diet- being borderline diabetic, soft drinks and carbohydtates are the only things I can realisticlly make concesions with!-or want to...

Neil said...

I always wondered who the one guy in NZ who liked Vanilla and Cherry Coke was.

I never suspected it was you.

I always thought it would be DPF or The Whig...

Mrs Smith said...

Vanilla coke! Oh no. Diet Coke, however, is the drink of champions.

Anonymous said...

I got re-hooked on cherry coke whilst in the states in '04, they also had Zero there, same taste my arse.