Friday, September 01, 2006

Tough shit, moron.

Tears flow as man who threw wheel told to expect jail

Friday September 1, 2006By Simon O'Rourke

Quiet sobs shook the large frame of Stacey Roamana Pakaru last night as Justice Lester Chisholm told the 28-year-old to expect a prison sentence.
He had just been found guilty in the High Court at Hamilton of hurling a wheel-rim like a discus into a crowd at Welcome Bay, Tauranga.


So don't throw big , heavy things at people, you dumbfuck!

What the hell did you think was going to happen?

But then, twats like you never do stop to think, do you...

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Murray said...

Attempting to murder a police officer in the course of carrying out her duty.

And he egts away with it pretty much.

Check out this though.

"The party at the bay spun out of control on the night of January 7, when a large number of police arrived."

Ok I'm not an English professor but I do have a pretty solid grasp of the language.

According to Simon O'Rourke there was a quiet tea party taking place when a gang of cops out crusiing for trouble attacked them?

Do you think that possibly the party at the bay "spun out of control" causing the police to show up?

An attack on the police is an attack on society. It is not to be taken lightly or treated as common assault.

I don't give a rats arse how tight his "whanau" is. He belongs in jail and they should be agreeing with that not trying to get a free pass.