Saturday, July 26, 2014

'Yeah, right' #257854

"Commissioners at the Kaipara District Council are seeking legal advice to decide whether people or organisations responsible for the $80 million blowout of the Mangawhai wastewater treatment plant can be held accountable…"
Fat chance of any council being held accountable for anything less than- wait- scratch the last four words.

There is more accountability and transparency in central government than of the local satraps. Do the elected officials even declare their political alliances?- mostly not.

As in central government, the ones to really watch out for are the top echelons of unelected departmental management. But I suspect those in local government find it easier to blinker the generally much greener local body elected types.

Watch the Kaipara case and we will see how effectivly central government oversees the local tyrants...

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