Monday, July 07, 2014

State housing- cancer of the suburbs.

I have recently moved into a street where almost all own their own homes. (well, at least have mortgages, to be more correct)

The last street was a nice street- right up until two houses past mine. Then the housing corp enclave started. Not a big one, there were only about six state houses.

All of which were run down, vermin infested shitholes.

Rubbish piled high, unkept yards choked with weeds and the trade mark 'Whangarei beach house' aka a blue warehouse tarpaulin nailed to the carport full of mouldy furniture. Every house had five different vehicles parked in the muddy remains of a lawn or over the footpath.

Despite being eligible for taxpayer subsidized housing due to poverty, there was never a shortage alcohol and it seemed that every second day, one of the ape farm had a party going, with the jungle drums beating from mid-morning until 3-4 am. Constant visits from noise control did little to curb this.

It's time to scrap this model of sprinkling state houses and other so-called 'social housing' amongst otherwise decent neighborhoods and filling them with the shallow end of the gene pool. If the powers that be insist on housing these vermin (I must be quite clear that I refer ONLY to the bad tenants- I'm well aware that many of housing corps tenants are good tenants and neighbors) then they need areas that are ring fenced and filled solely with those who cannot live amongst civilized folk.

Build out of concrete and steel. Like the institutions they are probably accustomed too...


the conservative said...

We have a state-housing street not far from our house, and when people from that street go to our so-called politically correct supermarket (large-chain one), they have staff follow them around making sure they don't steel anything. All their money has gone on booze and cigs, so they steal food.

KG said...

Damn right. These lowlifes ruin the quality of life for all those around them.
We're returning to NZ fairly soon and will be renting. The one thing I'm sure of is that whatever we rent, it won't be close to state houses.

tom hull said...

Yep,same thing happened to me.Lived for 30 years in a nice street then a house sold to housing corp,then another and the rest is history.This is now the worst street in the area.Glad we got out in time.