Wednesday, July 30, 2014

another idiotic PC ninny

…who should have stuck to whacking a ball about the court and stayed out of grown-up area…

"...As politicians seek the limelight in the run-up to the general election, Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has hit out at ACT attacks on Maori...
...She labelled comments by ACT leader Jamie Whyte that Maori enjoyed legal privilege "grotesque and inflammatory"…"
So what is the fuss about?
The ACT leader has DARED to state that one of ACT's core principles had always been that the law should be colour blind and should treat everybody equally.
Anyone who's brain has not been addled by socialist 'thinking' should see the fairness in that!.
If their brain has been turned into a rancid protein slushy, then its 'Racist and Redneck'!

While I'm on the redneck bit- the turn was used by those who perceived the lowly field hand with his sunburn neck from toiling outdoors was their social inferior. No wonder the left like to use the term. They have the same distain for the ordinary working NZ'r...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

Both the Race Relations Office and the Human Rights Commission should be abolished.
They are nothing more than pulpits for leftist PC finger-wagging at those deemed to have transgressed in some way.

They serve no useful purpose at all.

macdoctor said...

If Devoy had the brains God gave the mosquito, she would have realised that Whyte was talking about LEGAL privilege, not material privilege and that his motivation was the damage this privilege was causing Maori.

The only grotesque thing was her absurd, knee-jerk comment.

Oi said...

Every now and again, she has to justify her existence.
This is merely one of those occasions and unpleasant as it is, doesn't mean much.
A point in her favour - at least there are long breaks between the nonsense, she isn't continually whining unlike the last prat that infested the position