Monday, July 01, 2013

Better off in a Victorian orphanage

"The Lower Hutt parents who seriously neglected their young children want to get them back.
A 25-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman were today sentenced in the Wellington District Court on four counts each of neglect.
They had pleaded guilty to not providing medical care, food and nutrition for the children, aged 4, 3, 2 years, and 7 months, who were found dirty and malnourished with head lice infestations and open scabies wounds in January.
The man was sentenced to six months community detention, 18 months intensive supervision and 80 hours of community work.
The woman was sentenced to 18 months intensive supervision and 160 hours of community work.
Permanent name suppression was granted to both parents to protect the identity of their children, who are still in state care..."
Not only should they never see their children again, but they should both be permanently and irreversibly sterilized. AFTER serving a lengthy prison term at hard labour.
But no, after that slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket, they will no doubt get their kids back. To continue the irreversible damage...


Oi said...

One of the links in the criminal assembly chain.
While not exclusively so, it was a rare occasion when I saw a thug come from a well adjusted loving family who cared for their children and their upbringing.

KG said...

Oi, the operative word being, of course, "family". That thing which leftists despise so much in their march to Utopia.