Sunday, December 16, 2012

There is always a bigger (or uglier) fish

I thought that the Masterton Warehouse just before Christmas was something that could inspire Dante's work.

That was just purgatory.

The Whangarei Warehouse is a trip to a lower circle of the Hot Place. I'm sure I could smell sulfur.

But that could have been one of the ruminant beasts dawdling about like it was time to get on the truck headed to the works.

And what is it with She-mountains and that place. Surely somebody else must stock size XXXXXXXXL stretch pants and cheap chocolate?

Or is the Warehouse actually a cunning plan? MY conspiracy theory for the day is that it is really owned by a consortium of other retail chains and serves the purpose of keeping the unwashed, the morbidly obese and they ill-mannered and destructive spawn elsewhere.

Damn my Scots genes that make me seek the bottom price!

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KG said...

I just KNEW you'd like that place, Oswald. :)