Thursday, December 13, 2012

Forgotten a few details from the past?

"...He also quoted Bain at the conclusion of his interview as saying: "The only thing I can reiterate is that these five members of my family were my life. They were part of who I was. We were extremely close. We all loved each other dearly. The last thing that I could possibly have done is to take their lives.
"I find it difficult hurting an animal but to take a person's life, let alone my own family's life, is unimaginable and not only have I served 13 years in prison for doing this, I've also served the so-called sentence of being labelled a convicted killer and a murderer..." (Bold Mine)

So- around the time of the murders- what were you doing with the rifle?

I do recall you had been shooting rabbits.

Anyone else notice the strong smell of BULLSHIT?


KG said...

Yep. One would have to go from "reasonable doubt" to infinitely stretchable credulity to suppose Bain is innocent.

Oi said...

There was no way that Wingnut was going to get convicted at his last trial - Not after all the smoke and mirror work generated by that tosser Karam over the years.
Wht got me going, was the defence fitting up Robin as the killer.
They kindve glossed over how he managed to shoot himself in the head after killing his family, then remove the magazine from the rifle and stand it on its end on the carpet.

Bill Jordan said...

Well said.
Please look at this part of the statement.

I served 13 years in prison for doing this

Listen to what he said.

I served 13 years in prison for doing this

According to statement analysis there are no verbal slips.

This is a confession. QED.