Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stay focused

The enemy is down but far from out.

Try to remember who they are- the hard left- ESPECIALLY the Greens. They are the dangerous ones and their support is growing. Save the vitriol  for them.

Don't worry about poking holes is what's left of ACT, the Libertarianz or the up-coming Conservatives. They all have their flaws, along with some appeal, but your energies are best spent elsewhere.*

We have no common ground with the hard left.

We will have some differences with the other parties, but they are worth engaging in debate- all those that wish for less government are.

The Nat's are not our friends- their one and only grace is that they are the lesser of two evil and have more sugar coating on the Shit Pill. Thankfully, they are mostly incompatible with the Greens- but I once though the same about the relationship between them and the racist parties.

Don't both trying with the enemy. They will not be reasoned with, so don't bother- just highlight and publicize their flawed policy. Don't be ashamed or reluctant to use the same dirty tricks- you don't fight a war with one hand tied behind your back and they will show YOU no such mercy!

Destroy the hard left, then come for the left-lite.

* It's always open season on Winston First.