Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Elephant in the ED

"Six out of 10 New Zealand nurses have quit jobs because they are burnt out or because they face unmanageable moral issues...
...The results were similar to overseas studies, and a larger-scale national survey was under way with results due in mid-2012.
"The most disturbing thing was six out of 10 argued they'd left their position because of a moral issue," Woods said..."
Would that major 'moral issue' be having to treat- and be nice to- a pack of feral, bloated barbarians that are entirely the authors of their own misfortunes?
The drunken, drugged lowlife that appear every weekend having smashed each other up, beaten their children or overdosed?
The same ones that simultaneously abuse the staff and legitimate users of the hospital, whilst screeching about their 'rights and entitlements'?
The ones who feign illness, in order to get a warm bed and food- having spent the dole on chemicals?
The same ones that it is a firing offense to speak out against- because that would be a breach of their human rights?
You can bet on it!


The probligo said...

You in favour of the drinking age at 18?

Me? No! Stupid mistake that one

Oswald Bastable said...

Hell no- back to 21!