Sunday, November 06, 2011

More emotional blackmail

Prime Minister John Key and National's housing spokesman, Phil Heatley, yesterday unveiled the party's get-tough state housing policy during an election-campaign visit to Cannons Creek, Porirua...
...Goff said children would suffer for their parents' misbehaviour.
"I've got absolutely no sympathy for tenants that don't meet the conditions of their agreements," he said. "But how do you make sure you are not relegating children to a situation where they really get a rotten start in life because of their parents?"..."
How about the fuckwit so-called 'Parents' consider the effect of their recidivist behavior on their income stream children?
Lets have some of that evil far-right personal responsibility for one's actions!

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Anonymous said...

Had a rental up that way for 4 hard years. If there was money in cockroaches one of the tenants would have made millions.