Thursday, September 29, 2011

A writing project- yes- a writing project...

A have been kicking around a project involving resistance to an unpopular totalitarian government.

This is not about the rock- throwing, car burning rioting or armed resistance, but about the more subtle methods used by those unable or unwilling to take up arms.

Even in the vilest regimes, there have been those who found a way to fight back- the slave workers of WWII, who managed to leave a bit of cotton waste in a fuel system, or grit in a gearbox.

In my story, we have a less overt  form of fascism (slightly). People find ways of making the government's apparatus job more difficult- misinformation, over-reporting of 'suspicious activity', casting aspersions towards minor officials. Neighbors who start having parties and making noise to disturb the sleep of a local official. The farmers who leave supplies out, where the armed revolutionaries can readily find them. Contractors who are always a day late delivering or repairing goods and services to the government- and never do as good a job as they could.

Then there are those within the system who would fight back. The policeman who turns a blind eye. The storeman who makes supplies 'vanish'. The soldiers that break irreplaceable equipment.

Any ideas of subtle or passive resistance would be appreciated!

Who knows?- we may need to try them out one day...



Richard at EUReferendum has been thinking similar thoughts.
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The probligo said...

And here was me with the obviously misguided belief that this - "resistance to an unpopular totalitarian government." - was the principal rationale behind the Second Amendment.


Mind you, living in NZ and posting thoughts such as yours is very likely to have the covert surveillance boys working their way through your house in no time flat.