Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buggerizing around with time

Feckin' daylight 'saving'!
I hate it- as does every other person I know with: small children, older children, livestock, early starts, shiftwork- or is otherwise a slave to other peoples timetables.

The unemployed and the retired don't give a damn- so who actually wants it- and why?

It's not like we magically get more hours in the day.

I suspect it's those in the civil service- childless and on glide time who want to sip Chardonnay on the deck after a day of making life more difficult for the rest of us.

Or it's just someone being a bastard because it is possible to be so.

Bastinado would be too gentle a medicine...

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Anonymous said...

Blame the people who thought daylight savings was good so more would be better but didn't factor in that the amount of daylight we get changes witht he sun's journey.

The spring solstice was on Friday so we're getting about 12 hours of daylight.

If the change to daylight saving was delayed by three or four weeks we'd be getting about 14 hours between sunrise and sunset.

That would mean we could enjoy more light in the evening without having to endure getting up in the dark in the morning.