Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Village of the Damned- Village of little thinking

Unfortunately, the Christchuch CDB is FUBAR. Even more unfortunate is the council/government meddling. They do not understand that the city WILL AND CAN NOT be build in the form it is in now.

The one thing that might salvage the crock of shit, is that so many are taking the money and bailing. Acre for acre, the land in that area is going to be worth less than a bit of stony bare land out the back of Springfield. As it is, the land is worthless, as high-rise is looking to be uninsurable- and there goes the business sector.

So, I say let it return to park with cheap land for those that will take the risk of building there. Maybe the cheap land will attract what the run-down semi-derelict old rentals used to. The bars, cafes and restaurants that were all done on a shoestring budget.

They were the appeal of the CBD- retail was dying well before the shakeup, as the shops relocated to the outlying malls- as they have been doing worldwide.

Bars, food outlets, boutiques and brothels can all be build in quake-resistant steel and timber and don't need to be more than two stories high.

Likewise, low-rise apartments catering to those who like that sort of lifestyle.

Think outside of the concrete box!


Looks like I'm not the only one thinking this.

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