Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thought as much

"Evidence has emerged that 72% of all alcohol-related deaths on the roads are caused by drivers who are either blind-drunk or repeat offenders...

...The Transport Ministry research shows that in 2009 88 deaths – 72% of all alcohol-related deaths – were caused by 73 drivers who were either at least 50% over the current limit, or who already had a previous conviction.

Of those 88 deaths, 34 people were killed in crashes where the driver at fault had a previous conviction and 57% – or 50 out of 88 deaths – were caused by drivers with twice the legal alcohol limit.

In 2008, 108 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes and 28 of those – 26% were caused by drivers with a previous drink-driving conviction, while 77 deaths – 62% – were caused by drivers who had consumed more than twice the legal alcohol limit..."

So perhaps diddling with a lower allowable alcohol level is NOT going to be the answer. Bet the facts won't stop that happening, mind.

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sweetpea said...

That is a truth that many of those who insist that harder, longer sentences are needed for all crime fail to see. The problem is always those who don't obey the law and changing the law will not chance that - it just move the goal posts.

Not that I have any better suggestions other than removing the right to own a car without a valid drivers licence.