Thursday, November 04, 2010

We know what is best for you peasants

With talk of 'phasing out' tobacco, expect some massive tax increases over the next few years. The sheep have swallowed the news of an eventual banning, so that will be taken as tacit approval to go nuts on taxing fags.

Well done, you let them trample over you AGAIN!

Also, expect the goalposts to shift soon. This is going to happen sooner than the 15 years talked about- mark my words.

And do enjoy a few drinks now- YOU are next!

Meanwhile, the gangs are delighted at the prospect of another huge income stream being handed to them...

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WorkerB said...

Cross ref Matt McCarten in Sunday News

Apparently the "people have spoken" is fine so long as they agree with Matt , especially in the good old US of A .

More of that leftist bent , "we know best" BS