Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nanny state in the Village of the Damned

"A police officer was injured and a youth was stabbed at Christchurch's Christmas in the Park concert yesterday...

...Mr Erasmus said the majority of people at the free outdoor Christmas concert, held at Hagley Park, behaved responsibly, but alcohol later ruined the event.

He said the trouble started an hour before it ended with an influx of drunk youths, who kept police busy breaking fights and tipping out alcohol.

"Preliminary discussions have been held with the (Christchurch City) council to see if this event and other future events in Hagley Park should be alcohol-free," Mr Erasmus said...."

Right- you have a crowd of many thousands, many of whom are having a drink or six and behaving themselves. A few morons- who probably shouldn't have had drink anyway play up- so it's a blanket ban for EVERYBODY.

That makes sense (In somebody's world!) . The criminal classes would never dare come pissed or smuggle in booze if it were banned.

Moving ever closer to prohibition...

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Anonymous said...

Banning alcohol is part of the agenda throughout the world. It seems that they are picking on any excuse whenever it is presented to them, in order to ratchet up intolerance of any sort of alcohol drinking.

Just like the EUssr will try to turn things to its advantage - known as the Beneficial Crisis approach.

Worldwide prohibition is probably timed to coincide with worldwide Sharia!