Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Law- everyone's resposibility

"Police have praised members of the public who detained a man who allegedly tried to rob the New World Supermarket in Clendon at gunpoint..."

I saw this and was reminded of the oft-heard collectivist cry that 'crime in the community is a problem
for ALL of us to take responsibility for'

Bullshit, of course. The great majority of us do not commit REAL crimes (ones with a victim)

What is true is that should be every able and willing persons duty to fight crime- and more importantly- we should have access to the tools to do so. The scrote in the link above should have been hit by tasers, marker spray, pepper spray, spring batons from all points of the compass! After the checkout operator unloaded a .38 into his guts!

While politicians and those in the ivory towers wring their hands about how to deal with the explosion in crime and lawlessness and cry 'But what to do?' there are many of us with at least a partial solution to the problem.

A bit of rough justice for the town ne'er-do-wells. Vandals doing community service in pink overalls and chains. Recidivist families run out of town. Pillory. The good old-fashioned thrashing with someone responsible on-hand to make sure the injuries weren't to permanent. Hard labour breaking rocks in the hot sun- in the middle of the town square. Shunning.

And more importantly- cutting off all funding to those who perpetuate the cycle of deadbeats, criminals and idlers.


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