Monday, February 23, 2009

Dirty, smelly bloggers

I was listening to squawkback today and Michael Laws was having a rant on bloggers. A quick bit of googling showed that this could be because of this incident.

It was over the blackout and Laws was bleating on about how only blogger read blogs, they are all wankers (bloggers) and well as being geeks with non-existent personal hygiene and butt-ugly to boot. As the MSM will have it, of course we are all insignificant, inconsequential and impotent.

Which is a bit rich coming from a squarkback host!

He was saying that all bloggers do is post their opinions on subjects and then argue over them.

So explain to me exactly how his show differs from this?

Will these types ever admit that their gripe with us is that we are not paid-up card-carrying members of the Journo's union?

And to give credit where it's due- what a refresing change to have the powers that be actually listen! Some were concerned that this would be a diversion for more pressing issues, but really- on quick executive decision and it's dealt with!