Friday, November 02, 2007

Another 'Yeah- Right'

"You won't see cops with guns on the streets of 'Rich White suburbs'"- according to the bleeding heart brigade.

Take a look at the news and see what is going on in the 'Rich White suburb' of Mirimar right now.


Discussion has gotten a little off-subject, which is fine, but the post was pointing out that statements by scum-loving lawyers after the latest raids out in the jungle. I don't hear the people of Mirimar whinging that they have been terrorised and traumatised by the black-clad colonial oppressors!


mojo said...

Aha, another low security number under 'close supervision.'
'Whilst asleep' conjures images of cowardice ++ but also carries the connotation of no cognizance of what hit her ... perhaps a blessing.
But in the scheme of things, it could be argued that this person's continued existence and increased freedoms show how little we value life.

Oi said...

Couple of things come to mind - Oz, you may be able to illuminate - why was this arsehole in Mt Crawford instead of Parry, and why was he on outside work detail?

mojo said...

Coz Ash, domestic violence is seen as resulting from a specific stimulus (the spouse) and is not necessarily indicative of generalised poor impulse control ... so the general public is not deemed to be at risk. It is for the same reason that kids out of violent unions are given equal access to their parents ... coz the violence was an artefact of the relationship. In reality, it is so the violent parent can teach the kids to be violent in relationships and hence maintain family violence as a growth industry.

Oswald Bastable said...

Ash, I knew this one personally. Until he took the tomahawk to his wife he had no form at all.

My opinion is that he was one of three in the wing that DIDN'T deserve hanging.

mojo said...

Os ... so many murderers are 'nice people', and this to the extent that one could almost say, 'there but for the grace of God ...' But nuh, not really.
Previous form, generally shows how they got there.
No previous form generally indicates a loose unit.
& I'm sure, on reflection, you knew none of these folk personally.

KG said...

Well there ya go Oswald--mojo has given you the benefit of his profound knowledge and personal experience in the field of criminology.

Anonymous said...

Let me take a stab at this. Does one see more cops without guns in wealthy white neighborhoods because there is less crime and violence?

Unknown said...

Fuck me mojo, he said don't hang him, not bloody well introduce him to your daughter.

Get a grip.

On something other than your penis.

mojo said...

I see said chappy has 'turned himeslf in.'

Oswald Bastable said...

Thought he would.

Unknown said...

Of course he did, theres no underfloor heating and free dental in the scrub.

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