Friday, November 23, 2007

Well- it was a start!

"...Two protesters who disrupted Wellington's Anzac Day dawn service by setting fire to a New Zealand flag and blowing a horn have been convicted in Wellington District Court..."


$500 + $130 costs was a start.

Tar & Feathers would have been good, along with a day in the stocks.

Having the shit kicked out of them at the after-match fuction even better!


Anonymous said...

A lifelike re-enactment of the WW1 executions by firing squad of the poor sods who died because of battle fatigue so shit like this can breathe (using real ammo not blanks) would be in order for the scum.

Oswald Bastable said...

Now that's getting creative!

Anonymous said...

I prefer a 7mm Rem Mag sighted 75mm high at 100metres. Should be good to take down a man sized target out to 400metres without much elevation adjustment. Windage could be a worry in the Wellington winds (but not if they are tied to a post at 25 paces).

Deadman said...

How about burying them alive, wrapped in a NZ flag?

KG said...

A Marlin .450mag behind the ear.
"use enough gun"

Deadman said...

"use enough gun"

Judging by the apparent intelligence of the average war protester I should think a popgun would suffice...

Oswald Bastable said...

I like the idea of a chain- about 1/2 a meter from a stake to the ankle.

Lets them hop about a bit, while I let fly with my muzzle-loader.

Of course with that, they could be hopping into the ball, instead of away from it.

At 200 meters, that should make the spectacle last for a bit!

Panday said...

Remington 870 shotgun. Slugs.

Anonymous said...

Good God Oswald, so it is true then, you really are a filthy rich Arab Bastable who only pops over here in your executive jet to spend your zillions of petrodollars on blatting bambis (behind the wire as the animal lovers say). I think it could be a winner to extend this type of hunt to human pests. It would save untold billions on the expense of building new jails for the Corrections tossers and bring in much needed overseas currency so Scrooge McCullen could build a bigger money bin! Keep up the good work, Bishop Brennan will put in a good word for you next time he visits the Pope.

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