Monday, November 19, 2007

The Workplace and Workers

50% are nominally competent at their job- at least when closely supervised by a competent supervisor. This is not a state that happens as often as it should.

10% are self-starters and can do their job without somebody holding their hand. They will turn up and actually look for useful things to do.

2% are self-starters that will find ways of doing the job better, faster or cheaper. You hope they won't move to bigger and better things.

The rest-


Anonymous said...

the phrase "Promoted to the point of incompetency" springs to mind. I have learnt rather painfully at this current employ that it is sometimes best not to utilize ones full talents, for once you achive the status of "go-to" guy, you invariably have to deal with all the shit jobs.

KG said...

And insecure managers who fear for their jobs, Leonidas.
Make 'em look lame, and the knives come out.

Mrs Smith said...

oh! But they are so cute!

Oi said...

Lots of thunder being stolen here!

Often that top 12% get pissed off with incompetent management and move to where their talent gets appreciated or doenst drop into a black-hole.

The incompetent management do nothing to bring that other 88% up to speed either.......

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when big companies restructure they get rid of the best 12%?

Anonymous said...

They are the ones who know when to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

The rest are "employed" by the government and you pay the bills!

Anonymous said...

Cases in point:

Tibby (Dept Labour) and Green (Min Education)

Merrily blogging away your tax dollars.

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