Thursday, August 24, 2006

Overheard today...

One very young taxpayer-funded breeder moaning about how hard it is to get a grant or handout for her to buy whiteware for her new flat.

Hang on- Now how did I get the gear for my first abode?

That's right- like most of my readers, I had to do without until I SAVED THE DAMNED MONEY FROM MY WAGES!

It's so much easier today- there is always some outfit ready to leand money to almost anyone. If you can't define 'usary'- you probably qualify for easy money- just sign on the dotted line- no deposit required!

But no- easy finance is not what these sorts want. They NEED to be given it- it's a RIGHT to have a fridge and washing machine.

After all, it's for the baby (that we all have to pick up the tab for)

To keep our EARNINGS for us and our own would be selfish!

Now I need to find a bucket...


KG said...

"Now I need to find a bucket... "
When you find one, fill it with water and immerse her head in it.
For at least five minutes.
My bloody washing machine is making ominous noises--you reckon the taxpayer would mind buying me another? an effing lowly worker I have to fix it or buy another.

Murray said...

1 bucket + 1 bar of sunlight X some bloody elbow grease = clean clothes.

If you have time to bitch about the paper work you have time to do the washing.

Next case.

God help us if the lights ever go out in this country. Natural slection is going to have a field day.

Cactus Kate said...

That's completely fucking disgraceful.

More so that her first thought was to bleed off the taxpayer.

She probably uses disposable nappies anyhow.

Question - do bludgers have to pay for ANYTHING in NZ at present?

Brian Smaller said...

Well, at least one of those bludgers is not paying her rent at present. I should know as I am trying to get her to pay the damn arrears.

Bob Jones had it easy. Back in the days when he was a residential landlord you could send some guys around with baseball bats to make sure you got payed. Now I have to go through Tenancy Services and be so nice and understanding while some thief steals my money.

Anonymous said...

Things like reallly piss me off.
I used to use the laundromat 'cause I couldn't afford whiteware. It was cheap and efficient. Now I can afford whiteware and every other "luxury" after some 25 years of working hard but my savings interest is taxed at 39% and I'm paying for these lazy f%ckers. This country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Murray said...

Helen a handbasket.

Oswald Bastable said...

This particularly bugged me, as I have a friend (divorced) who makes the effort to actually work to support her children.

Her day is not one I would want- up at 0600 to get kids ready for school & daycare, work, pickup kids then go home and do housework, more work, then finally to bed no earlier than 2300.

When she was about to split up,she said "The DPB is NOT an option!"

When I hear bitching about the hard life on the DPB (or wharever it is currently called), I find that sympathy is something only to be found in the dictionary.

It's in there between 'Shit' and 'Syphyllis'

KG said...

"When I hear bitching about the hard life on the DPB (or wharever it is currently called), I find that sympathy is something only to be found in the dictionary.

It's in there between 'Shit' and 'Syphyllis' "
I'm still laughing. Brilliant!

By the way, I just read that the Dunne idiot reckons we may get personal tax cuts sometime around 2008! Had to read it twice to make sure it wasn't satire.
Nope--the clown's serious.

Anonymous said...

For f*cks sake buy second hand or do without. I didn't own a TV for a year and went 3 months without a washing machine when I first moved out of my parents house. It was 5 years before I bought any appliance new.

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