Saturday, August 05, 2006

From the 'Yeah-Right!" files...

National News


'UFO sightings' reported in Manawatu
4.00pm Friday August 4, 2006

Mystery surrounds a number of strange sightings in the Manawatu skies last night.
Several people have contacted Newstalk ZB claiming to have spotted a UFO after seeing lights darting around at speed.
One informant from Feilding said he saw lights doing strange manoeuvres which seemed to violate the law of physics.
Police have been at a loss to explain what the lights may have been.
The Wellington Observatory said a possible explanation could be a bright star low on the horizon but that did not account for the strange movements the lights were making.
Staff at Palmerston North's control tower offered the strongest explanation saying a couple of air force planes were flying around the area before 8 PM.

Now come on- do you think people will believe anything in the news?

Just how gullible do they think we are!

Air Force Planes?- flying?

What is this? 'The Twilight Zone'


Murray said...

There has never ANY conclusive evidence that these so called "RNZAF planes" exist and this is just another conspiracy theroy beat up.

This is New Zealand for gods sake people, get real!

Just apply Occams Razor and it's obvious this is just Keith Lockes mother ship dropping in to sedate him after his most recent anti-Semtic rant last week.

KG said...

RNZAF planes flying? At night? Where was OSH?

Murray said...


Where was the minister of disarmament?

Was minister of giveing up before theres a threat and bending over for all comers too long a name then?