Monday, August 14, 2006

I like this Blogger!

Another blogger who's work I never miss is Cactus Kate!

If she was a Martini, she would be a huge glass of Waterloo Gin that sneers at the Vermouth and has scoffed the jar of olives!

Bloody brilliant stuff!

I would like to meet her, but I suspect that like with subcritical pieces of plutonium, we are probably better kept apart.


Rick said...

I dunno man. There's something funny about her.

Cactus Kate said...

Yes Rick. That "something funny" would be that I haven't declared unconditional love for YOU...heavens knows why not, I mean all the other women in the world have.......

KG said...

What i love is the level cynicism.
errr..'realism' that is. Dropped in there for a quick peek and was still reading--and laughing-- nearly an hour later.