Monday, July 31, 2006

'Workers' to be wary of

Those who wank on about the virtues of being a 'team player'

I have come to define this type as:

A shirker who likes to hide in a group.
Somone who will never take the initiative.
Someone who needs their hand held.
Someone who needs to be micro-managed.
A friggin' parasite!


A couple of months ago, we got stuck with one of theses clowns.

Immediatly on arriving he started wanking on about teamwork and how important it is that we all support each other.

That set all the warning bells of with me- this always means 'support ME' while I blunder, rort timesheets and do as little useful work as possible. As usual, I was right.

Of course he is totally incompetent and untrainable. The only damned thing he can do are busywork, broom-pushing sort of jobs.

Every single time he has been left on his own, one of us has had to go in and rescue him from some kind of screw-up.

The only thing he can be counted on is to be last to arrive and first to leave.

This is why we need the 90 day trail period in employment law!


Jude the Obscure said...

Add to that list - someone who is right at the front of the line taking all the credit for anything good the 'team' came up with.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes- that one with bells on!

Murray said...

And the fist one to bitch about what a raw deal they are getting and lets strike!

coge said...

Also the biggest back stabber & witch hunt co-ordinator.

Brian Smaller said...

I had a manager once tell me that "There is no "I" in team" I had to point out that "There was no "U" either".

Murray said...

I take it we have ALL met this guy.

Did he have a pommy accent?

Jude the Obscure said...

Did he have a pommy accent? Not the ones I have met - but I would give some money to have a look at their CVs. I know at least one (woman) who claimed credit for my work therein.

Libertyscott said...

aka David Brent.

"I in team" grr, I like saying who puts the mental into fundamentalism.

Oswald Bastable said...

No 'I' in team, but if you look sharp, you will see a 'me'

Cactus Kate said...

Hear hear.

Team players are another shoddy concept put out by the modern day union representative that is the HR consultant.

ImperialGriffin said...

LOL! you ar3e so right little leeches like this are everywhere these days.
"Ok guys, remember teamwork." and runs of into the corner. little basterds.