Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Setting the stage for Nanny State

'Target' is playing in the background.

I wonder if there is another agenda here, apart from the obvious TV sensationalism.

Are they setting the sheeple up for more regulation to 'save us from dodgy tradesmen?'

It wouldn't suprise me...


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how many tradesmen they have to let through the house before one of them sticks his hands in the knicker drawer. Of course he is the one who will feature on the programme, not all the others.

Murray said...

They certainly love their shock horror over reactions don't they.

OMG he wiped the OUTSIDE of the toilet with the same cloth he used on the inside!!! The entire family could DIE!!!!

Well certainly if they all lick the the bloody toilet bowel.

I'd ask how bloody credulous they think we are but the election has already answered that one.

Brian Smaller said...

A sparky taking a leak in the sink is a little off-putting though. I prefer to be at home when tradesmen are required so I can point them to the toilet if required.