Sunday, February 05, 2006

Time to draw a line in the sand...

It seems to me the world is finally starting to say 'enough' to the threats of a bunch of mad-dog psychos. Around the world they are are saying 'fuck you' and publishing the oh-so-offensive cartoons depicting them as the twats they are.

This could be the turning point where the PC acceptance of a sick and evil culture is for once and all rejected. I hope so!
About time- war is coming- the nastiest type of war there is and it will be us or them.

Islam declared it. It's time we took it seriously.

It may be too late for Europe


Spirit Of 76 said...

Who knows what Europe can do,short of putting all of those fuckers on boats and repatriating them all.

Anonymous said...

Well said Oswald. Are getting the guns out for a bit of fun today with the boys. Lets hope we never have to us them in anger but lots of people around here sick of the shit that is going down in NZ.

Oswald Bastable said...

Most all soldiers want peace but train hard for war.

I don't want it, but I see it coming.