Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another thing I despise

Wanky hyphenated names!

What is it with these anyway?

Keep you own name or take a married name- the husbands! The same with your offspring.

Don't inflict them with this double-barreled pretentious compromise bullshit!

This used to be the domain of inbred upper-class prats. They at least had the excuse of congenital idiocy.

What's going to happen when your offspring start spawning?- four friggin' surnames?

Grow a backbone and be proud of :

(a) your name
(b) your husbands

Rant ends.


Rick said...

Fuckin' oath!

I'm starting to enjoy this blog.

Men: be Men!

Whaleoil said...

I always thought it was becasue they couldn't work out who the father was.

I had a mate and we always called him Andrew Two-Fathers

Anonymous said...

what about
oswald ostable-bastable,
sound ok like quite important real,