Friday, February 17, 2006

Life on a tight budget

Having been asked for budgeting advice, I now deliver!

This is all stuff I live by (or have lived by)- it's real, it works, it's not theory.

Read all the supermarket mailers. Go to several, only buying the cheapest stuff at each. Know the prices of your staples!

Only buy food (especially meat) when it is on special.


Never shop before a meal.

Buy wholesale. Especially cleaning products.

Use the freezer to store seasonal and really good bargins.

Shop at flea markets and second-hand shops for clothes.

More clothing on is cheaper than heating. Blankets keep you warm when watching TV, blogging, etc.

Firewood can be found on roadsides, parks, beaches and can be easily cut up with a $10 saw.

Shop at the place with the fugliest people- they tend to be the cheapest, for some strange reason.

Make your own beer/wine spirits.

DON'T get SKY!!!

Newspapers can be read in the library.

Librarys are warm in the winter- read until they close, then go home to bed.

Boil a full kettle, then fill a thermos.

Horsemeat is makes a good curry!

Growing veges is fun, but not often cost-effective.

DON'T buy takeaways.

Don't buy processed food.

About seven cigarette butts make one roll-up (OK- I don't do this!)

Walk or cycle.

People with fruit trees will usually give away fruit, if asked- especially if you use the fruit to make something and give them some! (I trade lemons for lemon cordial)


Keep telling yourself you have no money to spend.

Buy an Edmonds cookbook.

Most appliances are not needed. (who really needs a wafflemaker!)


pink panda said...

thank you... have printed this out and stuck it on my fridge.

Oswald Bastable said...

Good onya!