Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Family Planning

It makes me wonder about the rate of knocked-up teenagers, etc, when contraception is so heavily subsidised by the taxpayer.

As I see no point in not using a service you are forced to pay for, I went in today (somebody forgot to take the baby-preventer pill!)

I left with 144 (12 dozen, in the old money) condoms- cost?- $18!

Now that's a lot of rumpy!

If I had been under 22 they would have been FREE (AKA Totally Subsidised by YOU)

That's right- contraception at no cost to under 22's.

The nurse there even tells you how they work and don't work- she didn't insult my intelligence by giving me an in-depth talk on the subject, fortunatly! I have been using them for longer than some of her clients have been around.


Two words:

Meal Ticket...


Lindsay Mitchell said...

12 dozen....that should see you through to menopause

Oswald Bastable said...

A young lad goes into a chemist's to buy condoms.

The chemist, being helpful asks what size packet he wants.

Lads asks what they have.

The chemist explains, "There is a pack of three for lad such as yourself- you know- Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Then there are 12 packs for married blokes- January, Feburary, March..."

Anonymous said...

Oswald, good one!

You have to realise many of these things happen on the spur of the moment, so to speak.

Many wrong people from small towns or communities don't want to be known for purchasing condoms (free or not) and other such things, worried about small town or community gossip etc.

I believe the figures may be double these figures if these types of programs had not been introduced.

Unknown said...

The thing is, Cadmus, the figures were not double before these programmes were introduced...they have always been appalling. First research on the issue was was done in the 1920s, from memory, and it showed one in four pregnancies in NZ ended in abortion. And remember, this was when it was illegal.

I think the most recent figures put it soemwhere between one in four and one in five.

That rules out the meal ticket aspect too, however...besides, the meal ticket thing would require some sort of rational decision, however deluded. This is just the result of sheer fuck-wittedness..

but then, who among us can honestly say we haven't gone sans latex in the heat of the moment?

I know I have....

Oswald Bastable said...

Rob, you are probably correct.

Never underestimate stupidity.

Oswald Bastable said...

If one is too scareed to buy a rubber- perhaps they are of too nervous a disposition to get laid!

Yeah, right...

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