Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ron Mark strikes the right note

I like Ron Mark, for all that I disagree with a lot of what his party touts- he is the worker of the party and in my opinion, the backbone. I knew him personally before he got into politics- he was the lieutenant least likely to be shot in the back by his own troops!

Today he gets stuck into deadbeat parents and feral children:

WairarapaTimes Age
I'm not impressed with the bit about extra funding for Maori Wardens. I'm against anything being run on racial lines. Give the funding to the police, who may want to open specialist roles for kiddy policing- a sort of social worker with some police powers. The current Maori wardens should apply for these positions. They sound like they should do well in the role.

But here is credit for proposing something- anything- to deal with a rising problem. Out of control dirtbag kids, backed up by bleeding heart lawyers. All rights with no responsibilities.

Most of the 122 seat warmers are too craven to so much as make a suggestion...

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