Thursday, December 08, 2005

Reparations payments- what a friggin' joke!

18 months ago, I was awarded $10 grand reparations, following being crunched by a dumbfuck drunk driver.

So far I have recieved one payment of $700 and today, almost three months later, another for $50 bucks turns up.

Fifty friggin' dollars- that means he is paying it at five lousy bucks a week!- no doubt the worthless POS is on the dole again.

That will take THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS, TO PAY ME OFF! it will only happen that quick, as I get no sodding interest on the amount owed.

I don't see why these deadbeats can't be sold into indentured service of some kind- scrubcutter or dung-gatherer would be suitable. Get enough of them and they can work a big treadmill and generate electricity.

Bring back the workhouse!

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