Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The pros and cons of Christmas

I sold of a trailerload of worthless thinnings from the firewood block for an outrageous amount of money.
Cooking a whole ham on the Weber.
Eating a whole ham cooked on the Weber.
60 litres of Cider awaiting consumption.

Plastic trees shed crap on the carpet, too.
Spending money on non-firearm related purchases.
Not receiving firearms related gifts. (Where's my friggin' Weatherby, Santa?)
3 year-old waking at 5.45am to check if it is xmas yet.
Prospects of sex, because of the above.
Wife's expectations. (why bother, I'm not getting sex!)
Christmas Carols.
Sunday IPSC shoot cancelled due to it being xmas day! (what??)
Sugared children.
60 litres of Cider awaiting consumption.

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