Saturday, January 09, 2016

More than simple murder perhaps?

I have heard that perhaps this was not a random murder. The murdered woman moves in political circles and was known to have made submissions against family court reforms.

To me, that must be investigated as a motive. I bet the cops won't have missed that possibility.

So, that could make this an assassination. A political murder.

Which would account for this case being presented as a random killing. Governments don't like assassination. It's not a big deal killing 'little people' but they don't like the idea that the plebs might get the idea that they can target them.

Watch this space.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Doesn't look like some misguided kid trying to earn a patch does it.

KG said...

Interesting...but will any further developments be reported honestly?

Owen Galloway said...

Great reading your blogg