Saturday, December 26, 2015

insanity rules

It's summer. the sun is out, the water is warm and most folks are in holiday. Yesterday they stuffed themselves stupid and the fridge is still full of cold drinks. If your luck was in, you got goodies and toys.

So what do the stupid fuckers do?

Head to retail hell and go shopping. Probably on credit.

Folks- a real bargain will be the equivalent of a lotto win.

Stay home, go the the beach or river. Play with the kids, eat some more, get pissed but stay out of the frickin' shops.

They will still be there next week.

I'm off to the beach. Afterwards a few cold ones, then savor my Christmas cigar.


Ronbo said...

Fuck Islam! Fuck Google! Fuck Progressives! SPIT! SPIT! SPIT!

We Crusaders stand with our friend!

KG said...

Christmas shopping resembles - to me at east - mass hysteria.

paul scott said...

yeah he's right fuck Islam