Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not funny

"Kiwis who believe laughter is the best medicine can now gain a degree in the subject, with the country's first medical clowning qualification to be launched this December.
Professional "care clown" Dr Thomas Petschner has brought the qualification to New Zealand through Steinbeis University in Berlin.
Those who seek to become qualified clowners can do a certificate, diploma or full bachelor of arts in medical clowning.
The university's International Institute for Medical Clowning is the first of its kind, with 240 people enrolled to study medical clowning worldwide... "
Well, I always thought that the B.A. stood for Bugger-All.
This sort of confirms that belief...


Oi said...

why does this not surprise me?

KG said...

Sigh......wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire comedy videos?